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Spring Newsletter 2023

Welcome to Spring and hopefully some blue and dry skies. It has been a very long, cold and wet winter it seems. If any of you are having issues with mould in your properties, give us a call and we can either advise how to get rid of it or give you numbers for cleaners to do the job f or you.

We in the office have had the delight of meeting Fenetta’s little bundle of joy and both are happy and healthy. Unfortunately, she is enjoying motherhood so much she has decided to leave us and concentrate on her growing family. We wish her only the best and look forward to her visits here at the office.

Thank you to all of those who returned the Tenant Survey attached to the last newsletter. The lucky survey pulled out of a box by a visitor to the office belonged to Dorothea from Malanda. The surveys help us assess how our tenants feel, not only about their properties but the service we provide. We are always striving to do better for the good of our tenants and property owners. For example, did you know not all the properties we manage belong to the government? Some of our properties are owned by people you may be standing in the queue with at IGA. They are everyday people who have chosen us to manage their properties so that there are more rentals available for social housing. They are the quiet heroes in the housing industry.

An issue we have noticed that keeps coming up in the tenant survey, is that not everyone knows who to contact for an emergency repair when the office is closed. The front page of your lease states the emergency repairers for your property, you are also welcome to come into the office and pick up a list of emergency repairers. Our after-hours only number is 0497 192 135. If no one answers you may go ahead and call a tradesman of your choice. Always remember that if you call a tradesman yourself for work that is not an emergency, you will have to pay the invoice. So, what constitutes an emergency? Anything that is life threatening or can cause major property damage.

Another issue that has been brought to our attention is that not everyone is aware of the complaints process. If you have a complaint to make about another tenant, neighbour, staff member or your property, you can either call, write or email us and we can then inform you of the process and outcome. You can make a complaint anonymously however we will not be able to ask for more details or give you the outcome.

Money Saving Tips!

A timely reminder to vacuum your smoke detectors, that’s right, vacuuming is not just for floors. One of our tenants just received an invoice for over $200 to have the electrician clean the smoke detector for her. Cobwebs, insects and geckos can set off a smoke detector so please keep them clean for the sake of your wallet.

Malanda Police Station – not just a Police Station it would seem.  Every Wednesday from 9 am to 1 pm & 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm they process transactions for many departments from the Transport Department to Seniors Cards. They can also offer information and referrals from the Queensland Ombudsman to the RTA. Good to know.